Do I Qualify?

Care Home Refunds

If either yourself or a relative have been paying for care homes, you could be eligible for funding by the NHS and may therefore be owed a refund. In some cases, depending on the level and length of care, the amount owed can be quite substantial.

Avoid Care Home Fees

Thousands of people throughout the UK may have been forced to sell their homes to pay for care, having spent most of their working life paying a mortgage. Real Life Appeals can help you to not only avoid care home fees, but also make a successful claim and receive a refund of the costs previously paid.

Have you or one of your relatives ever paid for care?

If you or a relative have had to use savings or sell property to pay for care, you may be owed a refund!

According to a ruling by the Health Services Ombudsman, many of the criteria which have been used to assess whether or not care home fees should be met by the NHS, are not in compliance with legal requirements. This is where real:life come in.

Real Life Appeals specialise in care home claims management, providing advice on avoiding care home fees and care home refunds.

Our team of legal and medical experts can assess if you are entitled to a refund.